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Salvador Dali

“What is philosophical about driving a car full of cauliflower?”
Mike Wallace has always been unafraid to ask the hard questions.
And the cigarette………is Parliament.


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“With those close to the governor saying he was “reconsidering” whether to mount a bid, Mr. Christie’s unwillingness to address his political future during his speech left some Republicans exasperated and worried that a protracted game of “will-he, won’t-he” would be bad for the party’s chances of retaking the White House. “-NYT

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Sportswriters are warming up for a possible Kafka start on Sunday:

“That’s shaping up to be quite a gauntlet for young Kafka, one that, short of a wholesale Metamorphosis of the quarterback into a Michael Vick clone, won’t play out well for him or the Eagles.”

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A quick Vick study.

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H.P. Lovecraft

Dead and Dreaming – An H.P. Lovecraft Art Exhibit
Paradigm Gallery • 2020 South Street, Philadelphia
Opening Reception: September 30th 6-10pm
Closing: October 21st 6-10pm

“My life lies not among people but among scenes—my local affections are not personal, but topographical and architectural. No one in Providence—family aside—has any especial bond of interest with me, but for that matter no one in Cambridge or anywhere else has, either. The question is that of which roofs and chimneys and doorways and trees and street vistas I love the best; which hills and woods, which roads and meadows, which farmhouses and views of distant white steeples in green valleys. I am always an outsider—to all scenes and all people—but outsiders have their sentimental preferences in visual environment. I will be dogmatic only to the extent of saying that it is New England I must have—in some form or other. Providence is part of me—I am Providence—but as I review the new impressions which have impinged upon me since birth, I think the greatest single emotion—and the most permanent one as concerns consequences to my inner life and imagination—I have ever experienced was my first sight of Marblehead in the golden glamour of late afternoon under the snow on December 17, 1922. That thrill has lasted as nothing else has—a visible climax and symbol of the lifelong mysterious tie which binds my soul to ancient things and ancient places.”
-H.P. Lovecraft, in a letter to Lillian D. Clark (29 March 1926), quoted in Lord of a Visible World: An Autobiography in Letters edited by S. T. Joshi, p. 186.

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